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Dip B..Therapy
24 Years Experience

30 years experience in Cosmetic Tattoo excellence


The difference between a professional and amateur looking Cosmetic Tattoo is EXPERIENCE & SKILL.

As the saying goes you get what you pay for - the cosmetic tattoo industry being no exception.

Quality work, reputation and experience should have a significant influence over your decision when choosing  a Cosmetic Tatttoo practitioner - not price alone.

Your procedure should be comfortable, performed with dexterity and fine attention to detail.

Most procedures can be completed in 1-2 hours.



Pricing - 2020



Designer Powder Brows

Designer Ombre Brows

Designer Feather/Hairstroke Brows (not suitable for oily skin types)

Touch Up/Perfecting Visit (1-4 months after initial treatment)

Yearly Retouch








Bottom Lash Liner (pigment placed along & between lashes for a soft & natural everyday look)                                                                                              

Top Lash Liner (pigment placed along & between lashes for a soft & natural everyday look)

Top & Bottom Lash Liner (same visit)





Designer Top Eyeliner (bolder, thicker style with or without extension)

Designer Bottom Eyeliner (bolder, along lashline into wetline or below lash line)

Designer Top & Bottom (same visit)

Designer Top Lid Smokey Liner 

Touch Up/Perfecting Visit (1 month after initial treatment)








$100.00-150.00 top lids

$100.00 bottom lids

Lipline & Blend

Full Lip Blush 

Retouch/Perfecting Treatment if required 1-2 months after initial treatment






Beauty Spot $150.00


Consultation (Fully redeemable on booking and receiving a cosmetic tattoo procedure)



Paramedical Tattoing   
3D Areola/Nipple Creation & Colouring  $550.00
Scar Camouflage (ideal for depigmented scars or white skin patches where there is an absence of melanin) Price on consultation 

 Payment accepted by:

VISA, Mastercard, Eftpos, Cash

Once you had decided to have a Cosmetic Tattoo or would like to sit down one on one with Evelyn and discuss any queries you may have, please call or email to arrange an appointment.

Consultations are recommended prior to booking your procedure appointment.

M: 0414 363 134

Clinic Operating Hours:
Monday – Friday
8.30am – 5.00pm

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